I started taking photographs when I was 15 years old. 

At the time I needed an art credit and had no idea that photography would save my life and give me a purpose to live.

For me creating photographs is about being able to make art, celebrate the incredible history of the camera, and make images that truly make people happy.

I have a BFA in film and television and once got to film a promotional video for a book in Israel.

Fun Fact


Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm about to embark on my 3rd trip. 

Fun Fact


Fun Fact


I am an endometriosis warrior and love to support others that are on that journey.

I have a collection of 35 film cameras.

Fun Fact


Fun Fact


I've made a few short films.

I love reading books and often collect antique books.

Fun Fact


Fun Fact


My dogs mean the world to me.

Sam and I met
on Tinder.

Yes, Tinder! A few days later we met in person at Stem Cider's and then had our first official date at the drive in on Halloween. That date was unlike any other and we we've been inseparable ever since. I am beyond lucky to have such a supportive, caring, and wildly handsome husband.

While I'm a Colorado girl, Sam is from Newfoundland Canada, and why travel is precious to us. It's something we invest in and why we make it a priority to getaway overseas once or twice a year. 

my love story:

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